Yan buys WAG $55.52: Walgreen Company (WAG): Corporates Shifting To Private Healthcare ...

Walgreen Company (WAG): Corporates Shifting To Private Healthcare ... iStockAnalyst (press release) - Sep 19, 2013 Walgreen Company (NYSE:WAG) joins a group of U.S. companies shifting shifting their employees to private health insurance exchange from cover ... (more)

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Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13 --                -- 598310056.0556.1555.38 55.52
19.9.13 --                -- 578590055.7656.2655.47 55.99
18.9.13 ---               -- 494640054.8855.7354.83 55.63
17.9.13  --               -- 432330054.5955.1654.40 54.92
16.9.13  ---             --- 702990054.0055.2353.92 54.78
13.9.13     --           --- 697900053.1453.4852.53 53.46
12.9.13     -----       ---- 1377630051.0453.4950.88 53.29
11.9.13         --         - 348400050.6950.7850.33 50.75
10.9.13          -         - 373750050.3650.6750.18 50.67
9.9.13          --        - 349140049.5450.4049.54 50.22
6.9.13          ---      -- 522290050.1950.2749.02 49.46
5.9.13          --       -- 473780049.9750.6049.82 50.19
4.9.13           ---     -- 410080048.7349.6348.55 49.49
3.9.13             --    -- 424050048.2248.9148.18 48.74
30.8.13              --   -- 432370047.7048.1747.48 48.07
29.8.13              ---     260600046.9047.9246.85 47.58
28.8.13               --  -- 502350047.2147.5246.75 47.07
27.8.13             ----  -- 442150048.4948.5847.25 47.25
26.8.13            --        265210048.7549.3048.55 48.82
23.8.13             --       214010048.6148.8648.37 48.79

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Walgreen moves health coverage to option that provides more choices ... Minneapolis Star Tribune - Sep 18, 2013 Walgreen Co. is joining a growing push from big businesses to shift more responsibility for finding insurance onto their employees as health car ... (more)
Citing Obamacare, Walgreen will no longer offer company-backed insurance ... The Huntsville Times - al.com (blog) - 47 minutes ago on September 19, 2013 at 1:09 PM. View/Post Comments. Walgreen has told its employees that it will no longer offer company-ba ... (more)
WALGREEN COMPANY : Walgreens and Inovalon Enter Into Strategic Agreement (press release) - 7 hours ago BOWIE, Md., Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Inovalon, Inc., a leading provider of data-driven healthcare solutions, and Walgreens (NYSE: WAG), ( ... (more)
Walgreen joins other companies shifting to private health exchanges TheNewsTribune.com - 11 hours ago NEW YORK - Walgreen Co., the biggest U.S. drugstore chain, will move its workers into a private health insurance exchange to buy company-subsidized covera ... (more)
Not looking to be anyone's sub nor am I looking to dominate anyone.... but I do like to be on the spontaneous side and be about life. I have been single for about 10 months after being in a 4 yr long relationship and I miss that feeling of kisses on my shoulder and my knees become weak. I miss that feeling of tides of passion bearing on the beach with such teasing, effervescent bubbles of desire. I need to feel that warming sensation of wanting from the inner core that will continue with trembles of my body and finally a pooling satisfying sigh ... (more)

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