Ellyn buys DIA $149.09: What The Flows Show: Despite Appearances, Risk Appetite On The Rise

What The Flows Show: Despite Appearances, Risk Appetite On The Rise ETF Daily News - 10 hours ago For example, the second largest month of outflows on record, $13.4 billion in January 2010, represented 1.2% of total ETF industry assets, whereas last month& ... (more)

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
6.9.13           -------- 9001900149.7150.0147.8 149.1
5.9.13           ---    - 6021700149.2149.7149.0 149.1
4.9.13            -----   4578200148.0149.4147.8 149.2
3.9.13             ---- - 5431100148.9149.2147.6 148.1
30.8.13              --- - 6327700148.4148.4147.4 147.8
29.8.13             ----   4696200148.0149.0147.8 148.2
28.8.13              ---   4844900147.4148.4147.4 148.0
27.8.13              ----- 11440100148.2148.7147.4 147.5
26.8.13          ----    - 5770100149.8150.3149.2 149.2
23.8.13           ---   -- 9601500149.6150.0149.1 149.8
22.8.13            --      4234600148.8149.6148.8 149.4
21.8.13           ----  -- 9506400149.4149.9148.5 148.6
20.8.13          ---       3847300149.9150.4149.6 149.8
19.8.13         ----       4176800150.3150.7149.7 149.7
16.8.13         --       - 7038000150.6151.1150.2 150.5
15.8.13      ----       -- 10026900152.1152.1151.0 151.1
14.8.13  ---             - 6379000154.3154.4153.1 153.3
13.8.13 ----               4753200154.4155.0153.3 154.4
12.8.13  ---               3698400153.4154.3153.3 154.0
9.8.13 ----               4551500154.5154.9153.3 154.1

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